Friday, April 6, 2012

Dried Pineapple flowers

recently I found the neatest idea to make flowers out of pineapples. when I went back to see how it was done, there were no instructions in english and when I searched google nothing came up except links to the same site.
Here is the site: and the picture:

So with a little experimenting I made my own...

Trim the pineapple
Scoop out the "eyes"

Very thinly slice the pineapple
Set slices in muffin cups (this ends up more like on them then once they are hot the slices will sink down into the cup.)

Bake at 200* for 4-6 hours till browned

Take out and gently shape till cooled (I let some of mine "Set" on a small object to have a more curved shape)

Decorate! :-)

P.S. I hope to post a picture on a cake we are making tomorrow 

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